Holi is celebrated with full enthusiasm in Nonihat and all over India. It is celebrated during spring seasons in every region of India that marks the commencement of summer. Where Diwali is known as the  festival of lights, the same Holi is known as the festivals of colors. In this festival Indian people get drenched in colored water and have an enthusiastic color fight throughout the day. It is the festival of love, friendship, and sharing love. Holi is the only  festival in Hindu religion, which is celebrated differently in various region of India.

Braj ki Holi is famous all over India, and people of Braj celebrate this festival in an exotic way. People of Braj celebrate this beautiful festival for 50 days. From the day of Basant Panchami, many places like Vrindavan and Mathura the celebration of this festivals begins.  

People of Barsana in Uttar Pradesh ( 50 km from Mathura ) celebrate Laddo ki Holi. In this festival Laddos are distributed among the devotees that signify  the arrival of Lord Krishna to Barsana from Nandgaon to meet her beloved Radha.   

People of Vrindaban and Pushkar celebrate Phoolon ki Holi (Holi of flower). To enjoy this appealing celebration, visit Vrindavan, this March and get spiritually connected with the life of Lord Krishna. 

Lathmar Holi is not only  famous in India, but also famous in  all over the globe. This remarkable festival is celebrated in the neighboring town of Barsana and Nandgaon in Uttar Pradesh,  few days before the main celebration. It is believed that Lord Krishna used to visit Barsanato meet her beloved Radha and teased her playfully.  

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