Naag Mandir Nonihat
Naag Mandir Nonihat, Sukhjora

The serpent god Nag fair is a festival of Nonihat, which is the center of faith for millions of people. The fair held in the village of Sukjora in the month of Aashad in Hindu mythology (June/July).The faith of people are upto such an extent no matter what ever the circumstance, every year they visit here for worship the god. This festival continue for nine day. The last is the day of fair, One of the interesting fact of this fair is that on this day of the fair the rains is compulsory to happen whether it would be drizzling or Heavy rain, this wonders giving the another reason to the follower to show their faith and this is something that’s makes this festival devine and attracting the faith of people. It is believed that One day the god of serpent came into the dream of a Man and the man was asked to dig a corner Agricultural field to find out the scupluture of the Serpent gold in his Gem is situated on the forehead of that sculpture. The next morning, the person did what he had in his dream. He excavated and the field soon after the same thing happened in the dream was referring. Seeing all the wonderful miracles that stunned surprised. Then he did what was ordered to them in dreams. Snake god idol, the man first established at home and began composing their worship. Then a well furnished auspicious temple was constructed for the Serpent’s god. People recognized this temple as the savior of the person if anyone bitten by the snake then the people give bath to that person with the Water of this temple and people feed the parsadam to that person and most of them get well by eating only parsadham, This is unique that person who is bitten by snake get cure by only eating parsadham .

Naag Mela Nonihat
Naag Mela Nonihat, Sukhjora

Devotess offer their offering to the god with a basket made up of Bamboo wood contain sweet powder (made from sugar or Jaggery, Palash leaf, Belpatr, sacred thread, is offering full furnished)”. People who vow for their goodness, offer their worship with basket plating is mandatory. As per their wish devotees plates basket in the couple ,some plates a couple of basket, some plates 5 couples of basket, some plates 10 couple of basket and so on in the form of prasadham offerings such as the serpent’s god.. It will not be wrong to call this festival as Dalia(Basket Festival),because here if you are not getting anything certainly you will get the basket of prasadam for sure. Story of gem is factious, after few days it was stolen by someone, after some days the news was that the person who stolen the gem is no more, the buyer of that gem who bought from the stolen gem from the thief is also died. Till now the story of gem is a mystery for the people of Nonihat, and nobody knows where is the gem.

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