Clean Campaign at Nonihat For Chhat Pooja
नोनीहाट में छठ पूजा के आयोजन से पहले यहाँ के युवाओ के पहल से हर वर्ष की तरह इस वर्ष भी सफाई अभियान शुरू की गयी जिसमे युवाओ के साथ साथ हर वर्ग के लोगो ने बढ़ चढ़ कर हिस्सा लिया । लोग सुबह सुबह हाथ में झाड़ू लिए नोनीहाट के चांदनी चौक में एकत्रित … Continue reading “Clean Campaign at Nonihat For Chhat Pooja”
Holi is celebrated with full enthusiasm in Nonihat and all over India. It is celebrated during spring seasons in every region of India that marks the commencement of summer. Where Diwali is known as the  festival of lights, the same Holi is known as the festivals of colors. In this festival Indian people get drenched … Continue reading “Holi”
Yoga Camp – Art of Living Happiness Cource
Art’s of living happiness course has hosted their third session in Nonihat powered by Sri Sri Ravi Sankar Prasad. 5 day’s happiness course is organised in local panchayat building from Oct 24 to Oct 28. The camp hosted by Art’S of living Banglore’s trained teacher “Nurul”. The Organiser of the camp Mr. Amritesh said that … Continue reading “Yoga Camp – Art of Living Happiness Cource”
India is well known for his  rich cultural heritage and  festivals. India is the only country in the planet, where people celebrate festivals throughout the year. Diwali is  the most popular festival in India, and like other parts of the India, people of Nonihat celebrate Diwali (festival of light) with enthusiasm. A great and ancient … Continue reading “Diwali”