Overview of Nonihat

about-nonihat-img03Nonihat is the village Panchayat located in the Dumka district of Jharkhand India. Ranchi is the state capital of Nonihat village. It is surrounded by some well known cities of India like Kolkata. Ranchi and Dhanbad.  Alongside diverse culture and religion, Nonihat is well known for his festivals and religious rituals. Nonihat is known for communal harmony and  people of Nonihat celebrate Durga Puja, Diwali, Yag Mela, and Nag Mela Panoply. Nonihat is also blessed with natural resources, wonderful serenity,and communal harmony.   

 Places of Worship

  • Chanchala Mandir
  • Paataal Ganga
  • Durga Mandir
  • Naag Mandir
  • Kaali Mandir
  • Thakurbari
  • Madpa Mandir

. Fairs of Nonihat

There are three famous fairs at Nonihat :

  • Yag mela
  • Durga puja mela
  • Naag Mela

. Nonihat Cuisine

In Nonihat you can enjoy some special meals Such as:
Special desi ghee Sonpaapdi and Ghugni Mudi these cuisine are famous food of Nonihat.

. Nonihat Places To Visit

  • Lagwa Pahaad
  • The Nonihat River
  • Nonihat Main Market
  • The Village areas of Nonihat
  • Basukinaath Dhaam ( Near 11 km from Nonihat )

Tatloi the hot water ( Near 14 km from Nonihat )  

Nonihat History

about-nonihat-img02Like other parts in India, Nonihat is blessed with glorious history and rich cultural heritage. From the ancient stone age, to  the British empire, Nonihat was center of business and administration. Now it comes under Dumka district of Jharkhand (India). You can say that Nonihat is the village of nature, adorable natural sight and unprecedented serenity are  features of this village. Before tenure of the British empire, Nunihat use to be market of salt. Britishers ruled this village named, Handwa, Basukinath, Jarmundi, Saraiya and Ramgarh.

Nonihat is place of diverse culture and religion. Surrounding population are of Hindus, Muslims,tribals mainly Santhals, paharia, bhuia, ghatwal, khetori.Hindi, Bengali, Bhojpuri, and Marwari are main language of Nonihat. Hoewever, Santhali is the  popular among traders. After independence,  Nonihat is marching ahead and with the passage of time, this village has numerous mohallas and more than 10 odd schools. Apart from natural beauty and history, this village is famous for its vibrant hats and festivals.

Nonihat is also blessed with some spectacular temples like Shiv Baba Basukhinath Dham and old tradition like Naag Mela. This  has become a mini township with all adjacent villages got merged due to increase in population and also some people migrated from other villages to the market township.It boasts of different cultures, very well knit society where people and communities maintain a dignified respect for each other.

The famous high school named as rani Sonabati Senior Secondary High School, located bang on the state highway. It has produced many illustrious sons from the portals of the school. Many engineers, doctors, army officers, bankers, police and other officers of national repute are alumni  of this school. These informations  are dedicated to all who belongs to Nonihat directly or indirectly. Many of the informations are not with me, hence, it will be good if someone takes it forward to add/correct more authentic information on this portal.    

Near Cities

  • Dumka 27 KM
  • Basukinath 11 KM
  • Deoghar 58 KM

Nearest Airport

  • Gaya Airport 327 KM
  • Ranchi Airport 313 KM
  • Patna Airport 313 KM
  • Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Airport 288 KM

Nearest Railway Station

  • Nonihat Station 1 KM
  • Basukinath Railway Station 12 KM
  • Jasidih Halt Railway Station 62 KM
  • Bhagalpur Railway Station 88 KM

Nearest Tourist Places

  • Baijnath Dham 58 KM
  • Basukinath Dham 12 KM
  • Sumeshwar Nath 22 KM
  • Mayurakshi River 30 KM
  • Masanjore Dam 57 KM
  • Tatloi 14 KM
  • Malooti 83 KM

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